Hyper Production Score

film, 2019

The Governments in the Age of Populism

thesis project, 2019

Models of Humanity

exhibition for Amnesty, 2018

Place to belong, am I coming home?

documentary, 2018

De Stijl

exhibition in Gemeentemuseum, 2017

Filthy Lucre

poster proposal, 2018

The Evolution of City Signs

typography reseach, 2018

Modern Olive

redesign of Antique Olive typeface, 2019


sanserif type design, 2018-

Paul und Collegen

website proposal, 2018

Lavak Font

left-handed type design, 201

Price of Progress

activist work, 2017

Elisa Book

interview + publication, 2017


interactive publication, 2017


analogue publication, 2016

Magic of Sea World Industry

critical video work, 2018

City Sector AM/PM

poster, 2018

Mulholland Drive

publication, 2016

Mr.the Largest

series of posters, 2016


chrome extension+publication, 2016

Condenced typeface

typeface experiment, 2018


book redesign, 2017

Question of Beauty

poster, 2017

Peter Bilak Lecture

poster, 2017